Partnerships: Let's do amazing things together

I am ready for even greater things. How about you?

I am ready to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses to do more amazing things. I buy into the philosophy that one can chase a thousand but two will conquer ten thousand – Growth is all about connections.

I am a strategist, creative visionary, change agent, value-adder, and I channel these abilities in transformational ways via coaching, consulting, writing, speaking and entrepreneurship ventures.

Some refer to me as an improvement specialist because of my exceptional abilities to:

  • take an idea and make it much bigger
  • identify areas for development, improvement or monetisation that are often overlooked by others, and
  • put together detailed transformational suggestions and solutions.

I am as comfortable in a corporate boardroom as I am speaking with one individual via phone. If you’d like to discuss a possible partnership, please get in touch. Let’s talk.

4 possible ways to partner together

I am also open to suggestions and proposals not listed below

  1. If you run a thriving business with hundreds of client contacts, this option will make you thousands of pounds/dollars for doing next to nothing.
    It works by allowing me to send your clients a superb offer. The only thing you’d do is provide the mailing labels of your clients or allow me to add the offer to an email to be sent from your email address.
    For every person that signs up, you’ll receive £100/$100 (depending on location).
    So, as an example: if as a result of mailing to 800 clients, I get 100 people who sign up. You would be paid £10,000/$10,000.
  2. I bring you on-board to fulfil an additional service/need for a client. You price your services/products in way that profits you and benefits me. A win win for everyone.
  3. You refer your client to me for a fee of 10 or 20% depending on the extent of your involvement. If they are just introducing and stepping away, it’s 10%.
    If you are going to be the main point of contact for the client throughout and handle all payments, then it’s 20%. For 1:1 bespoke coaching, @ just 10% the minimum you would receive is £500
  4. We team up and win new client business together. We share the responsibilities, but each brings to the table their experience and skills. The value here is that more lucrative contracts from larger companies, are more likely awarded when they know there’s a team behind it.
Mutual relationships of interest

Growth is all about connections.

I am keen to connect with anyone that thinks big. I do not think limits, I think possibilities. If you also think possibilities rather than limits, and have ideas that require out-of-the-box thinking, we should talk.

By establishing relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals we open gateways to many more exciting project opportunities. I am ready to connect with individuals and businesses worldwide to do more amazing things.

For routine client fulfilment, I would love to connect with SEO experts, business and marketing plan experts, Google experts, copywriters, finance experts, sales funnel experts, and other marketing people

Existing clients referral system

As one of my coaching or consulting clients, you will be rewarded for every referral that signs up.

This referral program allows you the option of deciding what type of reward works best for you.

The possible options include discounts, gift certificates, cash, trips, other types of incentive depending on the spend of the person you’ve referred.

Whatever incentive you choose, it will be given to you promptly, every time you refer someone.

Ideal Client Referral Criteria

Below is a more in-depth understanding of the clients I would love for you to refer or connect me with.

I work with individuals and legal entities whose services and or products are about empowering, inspiring, motivating or transforming the lives of others.

Here are three consulting examples of too many to list.
  1. Companies providing products and services for the blind and visibly impaired to give them greater independence
  2. Charities providing services that equip female offenders with the necessary skills to re-enter society and live productive lives.
  3. An individual that needs a system through which he can start a movement that connects, inspires and empowers single fathers.
Three coaching examples of too many to list
  1. An individual that has experienced physical abuse and needs support rebuilding their confidence and using their experience to provide a service that helps similar victims.
  2. A successful entrepreneur or senior professional that feels unfulfilled and needs to clarify their true purpose and restructure their business and life accordingly.
  3. An individual that is desperate to understand their true purpose so they can make the better choices and live a more authentic life.

Income guide – treat as such (just a guide)

Consulting – Individuals grossing in excess of £200,000 ($260,000usd) and legal entities grossing in excess of £1,000,000 ($1,300,000usd)

Coaching – Individuals grossing in excess of £100,000 ($130,000usd) and legal entities grossing in excess of £300,000 ($390,000usd)


I work with English speaking clients worldwide (for the right client I am happy to use a translator), and I am happy to travel worldwide where travel and accommodation is covered by clients.

Referral for a fee

In exchange for an agreed fee or other compensation, I am confident and happy to be referred/recommended for panel discussions, conference and retreat speaking, radio and podcast guest, workshops, company training, board room discussions, work from client’s location.

think limitless. THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES