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Out of Purpose equals Out of sync

Growing up, I believe very few of us would have had purpose at the forefront of our minds, because we were not taught about this in the education system. We are taught to get a job and are given a skewed definition of what success looks like. In many cases, the jobs we end up finding, are not in the field of anything to do with our purpose, which is why we end up hating 9am and loving 5pm.

There will always be a hunger for something different or something more when we are outside of God’s plans.
What makes a life outside of purpose so unfilled? The answer is a simple yet profound one.

To be out of purpose, is to be out of sync with who you are at your core.

Even well-paid individuals are miserable in large doses when outside of purpose, because money will never replace the fulfilment that comes from doing what you were naturally born to do.

Our personalities, abilities, vulnerabilities, strengths, desires, capabilities and gifts are hard-wired to function in harmony with the purpose for which we are born.

If the steps you are taking were not ordered for you, you will lack the grace you need to feel at peace. We will never experience true harmony being anything other than that which we were created to be.