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​Feature 1

This offer is for a ​custom-designed ​website with up to 7 pages. Once you've ordered, we can ​start​ immediately. However, ​​the offer can be redeemed anytime up to ​​​December ​31, 201​9​

Feature 2

​You're saving ​over ​$2​50 ​on a custom-designed ​7-page website that you can have ready for ​the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas​ and onwards.

Feature ​3

​This offer is open to ​​both first time and repeat clients, and ​can be used ​​for as many personal or business websites as you need.

Need more than ​7 pages? ​We’ve got you covered. Additional pages will cost only ​$​19.95 per page if ordered before the offer expires.

Don't yet have all your content together? No problem. You will have until ​December ​​31 to get ​​your wording and ​images ready for us to begin your custom design. See feature list.

We can start immediately and have your website ready ​​within 72 hours. Take your ​venture to the next level.Having a website is ​a MUST if you need ​​to  ​​increase your ​visibility, credibility and sales. Be where your customers are 24 hours a day.

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This offer will ​run ​until ​​November ​​21​stonly

See the FAQ section below for ​more answers.

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​How do I pay for this offer?

Are there any sectors you do not design for?

​Are all types of websites included in this offer?

​I need a website with more than ​7 pages

​What if I do not like the website you design?

​How long do I have to get my website designed?

​I have my own web host, can I get this offer?

​Is there an extra cost to host my website?

​Can I order more than one website on this offer?

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Prices usually start from $455 for 7 pages of customized design




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