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Let's do amazing things

People run businesses and not the other way around

Regardless of your business size or the size you are envisioning, it is the “YOU” behind the business that will shape the success and impact of that business. 

So then, if you are a sole trader, small company or nonprofit, or you're looking to get started, I am interested in supporting you to develop the full potential of your venture.

Why should you work with me? 

I successfully and profitably entered the world of entrepreneurship in 1996 whilst still holding down a demanding full-time job. Over twenty-five years later, I have coached and consulted with businesses in multiple sectors and have also launched a few more of my own ventures experiencing both failure and success.  I understand first-hand that most failures can be traced back to:

  • a lack of clear systems and processes
  • overlooking the greatest asset...your people
  • investing in the wrong strategies 

I can support you with:

  • implementing systems, processes and automation
  • empowering your people
  • recognizing and seizing overlooked opportunities

Begin transforming your business in weeks not years. Implement clear systems and greater automation. Invest in the right strategies and people. Be seen and heard in all the right places. 


My commitment to your success is further backed by signed and binding guarantees, with milestone goals for your peace of mind. I guarantee results full stop.

Who Do I work with? 

I support and partner with purpose-centered entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide in multiple industries and sectors, who are about empowering and transforming the lives of others through the work they do.

I am equipped with the experience and skills to help you sytemize, automate and expand your reach whilst regaining more freedom to invest your time in other things.

Show me what you can do now, and I will support you to profitably improve, multiply and diversify it.

What to expect working with me

I believe in forging relationships. 

During our first chat you and I will establish if we are able to work together now or in the future. If we are a good fit, we will get straight into making amazing things happen. Your time is valuable to me. I listen intuitively and will usually cut straight to the heart of the issues we need to get on top of today.

My areas of expertise are systems, automation, processes and people empowerment. Expect me to
quickly: identify the gaps in your infrastructure and operation that are impacting your growth and profit opportunites and suggest a plan of action.

I am ready to assist you with a customized package that can include any or all of the following in conjunction with consultation:

  • Creating or tweaking your systems and business process and Preparing manuals to make them clear and easy to hand off
  • Implementing and testing your automations
  • Creating/tweaking your profit toolkit
  • Training for yourself and or team
  • One monthly chat session just for you

 Let's explore how we can do amazing things together.