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Book Writing Boot Camp

Complete and Publish Your Book in 90 Days or Less

No one ever got called up to appear on Oprah because they thought about writing a book. No one will shake your hand at a business conference and be thrilled that you’re planning to write a book. No one will pay you more because you might write a book someday.

You have to actually write the book…. And that’s where it all falls apart for so many people.

This opportunity let’s you finally…Get Your Message Out & Start Attracting A Larger Audience, Landing More Clients, & have your work seen by hundreds…even millions of people…every single day…

Every aspect of planning, writing, publishing launching and marketing will be covered. Here is a synopsis of what will be covered in week two of four.

  • Identifying your topic —  and why it doesn’t have to match your signature product at all.
  • How to know you’ve refined & defined your topic well enough
  • The special circumstance that makes a DIY book your very best option
  • The two-step research process that will guarantee your book reaches the right audience
  • Six critical questions to ask during the outlining process
  • Must have components for every book
  • How to find your voice
  • The number one tip for writing well