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You are your most important asset. Time and investment in the growth and health of your mind, body and soul is priceless and also critical to living your best life. My life's purpose is to inspire, empower and equip you to do just that - ​be the ​​best you and live ​a fulfilled life regardless of your starting point.

The support I offer comes in the form of coaching, ​courses, speaking, workshops, writing and books and are designed to help you ​gain and maintain:

  • mastery over your mindset
  • mastery over your actions
  • ​mastery over your growth and development​
  • develop the personal power needed to achieve your biggest goals
  • discover your purpose, make an impact, ​​live fulfilled.


​Have you ever walked into or interfaced with an organization or business that left you feeling very underwhelmed, dissatisfied or even disgusted? Not a great feeling. ​I ​am passionate about excellence in ​​service and delivery and welcomes the opportunity to support change​.

My work with ​businesses and corporate entities covers growth, ​communication, strategy, ​​image, ​ change ​and succession, and is delivered through the vehicles of consulting, training, speaking and workshops​. My approach is 'human' (not stuffy) and often unorthodox. However, results are non-negotiable and guaranteed in writing.  

​Services and packages are customized to your needs and can include strategic planning, marketing/profit boosting, employee and customer satisfaction, ​public image, expansion, diversification, change management and succession planning. Let's talk.


​Get expert and experienced help to fulfill all the practical elements of launching and growing your business or organization.

​We got you covered at all stages from consultancy, design, implementation and management.


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​You are here bec​ause you thoroughly understand that in order to get ahead in life you must walk a different path to the average masses. This transformation blueprint shows you in simple yet powerful steps how to ​​differentiate yourself for success. 

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​Coach Tee Archer has been an inspiration and a sounding board for me for over 10 years. I find her to be a no nonsense person who tells you the way it is, but does so with compassion. She is very caring, and a very good listener who gives sound advice. I always come off a call with her feeling encouraged and motivated. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a coach.

​Tanya Wilson

​Early Childhood Teacher


​What I find amazing is Tee’s vision and commitment. She saw so many possibilities in every idea I shared with her. Within minutes of a conversation she ha​d m​e seeing angles for my business that I had completely overlooked. The six-month spent coaching with Tee she was fully committed to my success and my business has grown more in a year than it did in five years. She's the only coach I would work with again.

​Marcus McNeish
​Company Director


Coach Tee has been ​coaching me since 2007. She has made such a difference in my life it would not be possible to tell it all in a testimonial. She is 100% present whenever I am talking. She is so tuned in that she knows ​what I am feeling, and she shares her own experience which makes me more willing to ​share. I can always rely on her to be very straightforward and very helpful. You won’t find a better coach or consultant; she puts her heart in everything she does.

​Lacey Smith
​Small Business Owner