About Tee Archer

Hey there, I see you have decided to check me out :-). I am Tee.

I consult, train and coach men and women worldwide who are focused on growing themselves and their businesses whilst making a positive difference to others. 

There are limitless possibilities  within and around you. Let's make 2020 a year of exponential transformation. 

Let's connect and do amazing things. 


A combination of education + training + 25 years entrepreneurship experience + natural gifting and aptitudes, equips and allows me to use my skills as a strategist and creative visionary, to help you grow, restructure and or expand your reach and influence globally.
Show me what you can do now, and I will show you how to profitably improve, multiply and diversify it.



My work points back to this fact: There is limitless power and possibilities within and around us. We are infinitely bigger than every boundary, and when we get out of our own way, we are capable of reaching and doing much greater than anything we could imagine.
Attendees to these sessions, leave empowered and equipped to take immediate action.



How often do you hear you should change and become a new person? I am not about you 'changing'. I am about celebrating your uniqueness and overcoming limiting beliefs. Our coaching together is empowering. Discover your who. Understand your why. Make an impact. Live fulfilled.
The most successful people in the world have coaches. 



Society dictates and conditions us to do what everyone has done before... go to school, measure our worth by our grades, go to university or college if we’re ‘brilliant enough’, then get a job, work until we’re past 60, retire, live on a pension till we dieGeneration after generation, we mindlessly repeat the same patterns measuring success through education and nine to five pay checks, ostracizing those who didn’t ‘achieve’ by the system’s rules. We do the expected. We do what we ‘should’.

But at our core, some of us know there must be a better way. We are no longer content with building someone else’s dream. The status quo now makes us sick. We’ve HAD ENOUGH of the hamster wheel. We’re tired of being ‘ordinary’, tired of climbing the ladder of ‘success’ that leads to greater unfulfillment …. and one day we make a DECISION.

WE WERE CREATED WITH A purpose. We are not going to settle. We don't wait for permission to change, we consciously evolve. We use our gifts and share them with the world. We let go of that which does not serve or elevate us. WE DREAM BIGWe release the fire in us and IGNITE our purpose. WE ARE UNAPOLOGETICALLY passionate

We turn adversities into opportunities. We think outside of the barriers. WE PUT OUR WHOLE SELF IN. It's not that we have no fear, it's that we do it anywayWe were born to MAKE A DIFFERENCEto serve a purpose greater than ourselvesWe will fulfill our purpose or die trying.

We value authenticity. We break the rules. We rewrite our scripts. We release sabotaging beliefs and limitations. We don’t run a business; we lead a movement.

We will not accept anything less than having the FREEDOM to live life on our own terms. We TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our lives. We take inspired, immediate, massive ACTION. Rinse, repeat. 

Time is precious. We believe in the freedom to have quality time with loved ones, explore the world …. do what we want when we want. We believe that life should be invigorating. We dance in the rain. We know that happiness is a CHOICE and WE CHOOSE TO LIVE an audacious life. We are authentically, totally and emphatically us. We own it, we don’t apologize. We live freely being who we were always meant to be. We are LIMITLESS. We Excel Amidst The Noise.  


Empowerment is not what I do. It's who I am. 

From as early childhood as I can remember, I had a strong sense of fairness and wanted to see everyone have the same advantage. During my teen years I began giving free private lessons teaching some adults I knew to read. Every new word they learnt was such as joy.  Still early teens I also started a youth club and crafted activities aimed at building self confidence and self esteem in people ages 10-25. I am still in touch with some of those club members today. The rest of my life followed the same path. Regardless of whatever else was happening personally or job wise, I was not yet a coach but I made time to empower  and encourage others to be the greatest version of themselves. Today, I am a trained and certified coach and consultant, published author, speaker and entrepreneur, but the thing that still matters most, is positively impacting every person with whom I interact. 

If you desire positive changes in your life or business, we should talk.

My clients are all different but what they all agree on, is that their world have changed, because I have helped them see it differently.


Coach Tee Archer has been an inspiration and a sounding board for me for over 10 years. I find her to be a no nonsense person who tells you the way it is, but does so with compassion. She is very caring, and a very good listener who gives sound advice. I always come off a call with her feeling encouraged and motivated. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a coach.

Tanya Wilson

Early Childhood Teacher


What I find amazing is Tee’s vision and commitment. She saw so many possibilities in every idea I shared with her. Within minutes of a conversation she had me seeing angles for my business that I had completely overlooked. The six-month spent coaching with Tee she was fully committed to my success and my business has grown more in a year than it did in five years. She's the only coach I would work with again.

Marcus McNeish
Company Director


Coach Tee has been coaching me since 2007. She has made such a difference in my life it would not be possible to tell it all in a testimonial. She is 100% present whenever I am talking. She is so tuned in that she knows what I am feeling, and she shares her own experience which makes me more willing to share. I can always rely on her to be very straightforward and very helpful. You won’t find a better coach or consultant; she puts her heart in everything she does.

Lacey Smith
Small Business Owner

To know someone, is to know their real-life experiences and core beliefs.

A Bit More About Me

I am able to offer these programs that change lives, not just because I am a powerful coach BUT because I am a human-being that have lived long enough to know what it is to be in the valley of despair and also to be on the mountain top of victory.

In fact, this in part is what makes me a powerful coach – real life experiences.


I have experienced loss of close family, painful breakups, financial hardship, loneliness, single parenting, business failure and self-doubt.

I also know what it is to stay strong and resilient in times when least expected.

I know what it is to be at university and gain straight A’s with no spousal support and a marriage falling apart and I know what it is to pass an exam on the same day a sibling died.

This takes a tunneling of focus and a determination to get the job done – something my clients now benefit greatly from.

I know what it is to build a business starting with zero cash and pure resilience. I know what it is to learn from failure and keep coming back stronger and stronger every time.

I know what it is to overcome great adversities and create opportunities from it. I see opportunities where others see a blank wall.

I know what it is to be defiant and determined to follow my heart.


I define and create success differently from the norm. I see greatness in people and in places that most don’t.

I believe we are winners by default.

I believe wholeheartedly that labels don’t define you, and that you can be as successful as you want to be regardless of education, challenges or background, because everything you need is inside you.

I believe the only thing that matters is the mindset you have today and the mindset you have regarding your tomorrows


My absolute conviction about purpose being the only way to truly live, comes from a divine perspective. I believe in an Almighty God. I have walked through the proverbial flames of hell and have come back shining brighter than before. I attribute my survival and subsequent success to God.

I believe irrespective of how you got here, you belong here, and I believe you came here with an innate purpose/calling.

I believe God created each person with at least one natural gifting/ability/calling, with which to serve a greater good beyond self, and to create an income, and that if you give due diligence to this innate ‘thing’, you could be laughing all the way to the bank feeling fulfilled to boot.

I believe that even the bad things we experience make us better at living our life purpose once we understand what it is. I pull on all my experiences to do what I do and have realized that the negative experiences have made me even more compassionate and desirous of touching more lives.


To directly impact a minimum of 1 million lives by August 2022

To propose to governments a specified set of changes to the education system and employment sector that accounts in a meaningful way for purpose and gifting outside of academic abilities.


I have a quiet teenage son who makes being a great mom easy. We live together with our aquarium of fish in London England, and make frequent trips to the Caribbean where I was born. I am a confessed workaholic that tend to work even whilst flying (yep, I need more work-life balance). When I do relax at home, it’s usually TV, watching all the property and detective shows. I am an NCIS and Mentalist fan


I am a qualified and experienced Management Consultant, Life Purpose Coach, Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Published Author and Serial Entrepreneur.

The work I do is transformational and empowering.


I am a people person. I love to love, and I love making a difference. My greatest moments are spent supporting others.

I look forward to coming aboard your journey. Let’s toast to your best life ever.

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