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30 Minutes Success Call

30 minutes could change the next 30 years

This opportunity is for you if you’d like to discuss:
  • Your biggest Dream or your biggest Fear
  • Your greatest struggle or stumbling block
  • An idea you’re seeking to implement or
  • The growth of your business
  • Your next best steps

Our conversation will be powerful, thought-provoking, and completely led by where you’re at and what you’d like us to talk about.

  • You will be listened to, deeply and intuitively.
  • You will be challenged to think deeper and wider.
  • You will find our talk reinvigorating
  • Clients find me to be a resourceful asset they can call on for unbiased, insightful support. I am discerning, and will be straightforward in my questions, responses and observations. 
  • You will be impacted and challenged as an individual and as a business.

This opportunity is not only for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is for anyone who:

  • Has fears and concerns preventing their best life
  • Wants more from life
  • Wants to feel more aligned with their purpose
  • Has dreams not yet attained
  • Is keen to maximize their greatness whether in business or otherwise
  1. Get in touch via the button link below and include the words “30 minutes talk” in your message.
  2. You will receive a brief clarity questionnaire to complete, and
  3. We will agree a time to talk
We will talk for 30 minutes free of cost. If you’d like to continue the conversation, a payment link will be provided with the options:

$75 for 30 minutes
$149 for 60 minutes

I am blessed to have been instrumental in positively changing many lives, often through only one conversation. Let’s talk.
Calls not relating to this opportunity, will be terminated